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Frequently Asked Questions

What information should I provide for my customize eyewear?
All you need to provide us is your prescription information. You have your Rx from your optometrist. Just fill in the blanks in our order form and we will customize your eyeglasses to your prescription.

I cannot receive any email / confirmation email from
Check your 'spam' or 'bulk' folder of your mailbox if it exists. Our email's may be delivered to there. Please don't forget to mark our email address as 'non-spam'. If in doubt, just write your prescription out as you see it, or fax, scan Rx to us and we will calculate the correct reading prescription. All incoming orders for prescription spectacles are checked and you will be advised if there are any obvious discrepancies in your prescription. If you do not understand ANY part of your prescription, please contact us to ensure everything is entered correctly. We will be glad to help, and we want your glasses to be made exactly to your Optical specifications.

What if I have entered some information incorrectly?
Call or send us an email informing us of the error immediately, as we process orders rapidly. For this reason we ask you please double check your prescription and shipping information before submitting your order.

Can you put new lenses in my existing frames?
Yes, We will be happy to put new lenses in your existing frames. You have to understand that we can't take responsibility for a used frame or a frame not purchased from us.

Can I order frames without prescription lenses?
Yes, after selecting the frame, do not check the "With Lenses" box and just click "Next" to continue your order.

Can I use my contact lens prescription for spectacles?
No, a contact lens prescription is entirely different to your spectacle prescription.

What if my frames need adjustment after I receive them?
All frames are thoroughly inspected, aligned and professionally verified to the prescription given prior to shipping. If you need a minor adjustment, such as tightening loose arms or adjusting nose pads, you could take them into your local optical shops, which provide free adjustments on glasses. Alternatively you may return them to us for correction.

What are the shipping options?

  • First Class - $6.99 USPS
  • Priority Mail in US - $9.99 USPS
  • First Class in US - $6.99
  • Express Shipping - $29.99
  • International Shipping - $39.99