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Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are the most effective way to cut down reflected glare. Regular tinted sun lenses reduce the amount of visible light, but they offer no protection against glare a major source of discomfort and distortion of your vision when you are in the sun. They work particularly well to shield your eyes from reflections off water, snow or shiny objects. For those who drive a car, work and play in the sun, there are no better lenses than polarized!

Polarization is an absolute must for water sports. Reflected glare reduces visual acuity and depth perception. The most efficient way to block the horizontal reflected waves of light is with the use of polarization. Contrast is fast becoming a most critical property of sport eyewear and is particularly important for  fishing and other water sports.

Rifle sports are yet another that requires very high contrast lenses. As hunting is often done early in the morning or during the limited light situations found in autumn and winter, most useful would be a yellow lens, like the classic Kalichrome.

Keeping one’s eyes on the gold ball is aided by polarization and attenuating some blue light. When blue lights is reduced, both the sky and the grass are muted, making the ball more obvious. Polarization will remove the glare from the surroundings.